The service that we offered:

  1. a licensed Bus Driver
  2. familiar with Japan's highway and road.
  3. can speak English, Chinese and Japanese.
  4. can be a Translation during your travel time.
  5. At Hot season, minimum days that we takes: Must over 4 days.


  1. After decide your travel, please make reservation of the Hotel by yourself.
    You can use, trivago, etc.
  2. The Driver's working Hours normally from 8AM to 6PM.
  3. The maximum travel distance is 350km per day.
    (for reference, from Narita Airport to Hakuba is about 345KM, the traveling time is about 5-6 hours)



Ichinose, Shiga Kogen, Nagano, Japan
Tel: +81 (0) 80-3206-6705