price per day 4 days and up winter surcharge @
Hokkaido Y70,000 +Y3,000/per day @
Tokyo (all Japan Exc. Hokkaido) Y60,000 +Y3,000/per day @
ETC/Parking charge Y20,000/per day deposit in Advance

Remark: 1.The ETC/Parking charge: please pay Y20,000 per day to our driver in advance. The difference will refund to you.

2. Winter Surcharge: for Snow Tire.

Down Payment:

  1. Y30,000 in advance via PAYPAL.

Cancelling charge:

  1. 7 days before pick up date, 0%. Down payment will refund.
  2. 3-6 days,  50% of the down payment.
  3. 1-2 days, 100% of the down payment.


  1. Rental fee of the Microbus from Nippon Rent-A-Car or Toyota Rent-a-Car.
  2. Insurance fee of the Microbus, Driver and Passengers onboard the Microbus.
  3. The Service Charge of the Driver.
  4. The Meal and Hotel charge of the Driver.

NOT Included: (Driver will collect this fee in Cash in advance)

  1. Highway ETC charge.
  2. Parking fee



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