about Hotel Reservation:

The difference grade of the Hotel in Japan:

  1. airb&b  (Japanese style or Western style)
  2. home stay (Japanese style or Western style)
  3. Business Hotel  (Western style)
  4. Luxury Hotel  (Japanese style or Western style)
  5. Hot Spring Hotel  (Japanese style or Western style)

There are many website offer Hotel reservation service.

hotel.com, trivago, etc.


  1. When travel in Japan, please book Hotel with Hot Spring(onsen).
  2. Normally,  Hotel with Hot Spring will offer dinner and breakfast as a package.
  3. Normally, Hotel with Hot Spring offer Japanese Type Room, Tatami.
  4. Normally, Hotel in the city, the room size is small.
  5. Normally, in Business Hotel, they offer Twin Bed.
  6. Normally, there is no King size or Queen size bed to choose.

Special Needed:

If needed, we can suggest some Hotels for you or made hotel reservation service for you.

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